The secret affair

For a little while,

he sneaked away from the world and rushed

to catch a glimpse of his beloved when she blushed.

For a while or two he called her

and in his ethereal voice he spoke to her

They fell in love subtlety,

and all this happened so silently.

They enjoyed their moments in seclusion

inspired to love each other without a reason

Worried that the world may see them so

they hid it from all other fellow

She loved to receive all that he gave

committed to believe and reciprocate.

But, sometime she longed for a word or a moment

something that she could preserve, when away he went.

So at times she asked,

“Is this a secret affair, my love?”

He kissed her and smiled

“I love you in my own way,

my secret love in my secret way.”

And thus, this not so popular affair,

moved without a definite destination

and the unsung, irregular lover,

loved without the fear of separation.


About jyoti

with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

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