My dilemma…..

A mother is born the moment she gives birth to her child.She is the epitome of love and sacrifice.A smile on her child’s face is what she always craves for.Nothing in this universe can substitute a mother…..But, in this journey of life, someday each of us will come across a certain point of time where our mother needs our support.It may even happen that we are forced to make a choice between our dream or our mother.No matter how important is that DREAM for us, we should never forget  the love, affection and sacrifice of our mother. The following lines depicts the same dilemma that I went through………….

God sent me in this world
with a purpose in his mind
it took me twenty-three long years
but today his reason, I did find.

I was small and helpless; I couldn’t even walk on my own.
She held my hand, made me stand.
And today whatever I am,
it is because of the difficulties she has borne

Those days were so short lived
I remember every second of whatever I did
I had no tensions and nothing to worry about,
and when things didn’t go my way, I used to shout

Then came a time when I had to step out of my comfort zone.
In front of me a lot of new challenges were thrown
I got scared; I lost my confidence and decided to step back
but she supported me, motivated me and brought me back on track

Whatever little I have achieved so far is because of the blessings of her.
Like all the moms of this world her sacrifice cannot be compared with any other

Today when time has taken a U-turn
I got a new lesson to learn
All these years she did every possible thing to ensure a smile on my face.
Now it’s my turn to remove all the sadness from her life and make this world a beautiful place…..

Today when I am on the verge of living my dream
Today how desperately I want to be amidst the so-called CREAM
TODAY while filling some MBA form
a single thought blew away EVERYTHING like a violent storm.
The thought of living away from my mother
the thought of not being around when she really needs my support than anything other.

This thought is killing me inside
And I find it very difficult to decide.
Should i stay here and be her support
or should I run after my dreams and move to a new port?
I know mom will say “don’t worry about me, go conquer your dream”
She knows I have worked round the clock to be among that CREAM

BUT how can I forget those trembling legs,
stammering voice
and a crying face
which used to lit up with a smile when my mom took me in her embrace

I pray to God to always keep my mother healthy
And a gentle reminder to whatever difficulties that are yet to come-
“I will act as a shield to protect her because-
                               I LOVE MY MUM!!”


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