8:03 Aditya: Hey!

8:09 Ishika: Hi! How are you?

8:10 Aditya: Oh! I was leaving, thought to see you before I go.

8:12 Aditya: Looks like you are busy!  Cya

8:15 Ishika: Left?

8:15 Aditya: Not yet. 

8:17 Ishika:  So what’s going on.

8:17 Aditya: I am dying Ishika, your stupid connection problem is strangling me! 😛

8:17 Ishika: That’s not my network; I was actually busy with something else! Over smartness at times is injurious to health. And, take this -> 😛

8:18 Aditya: I am calling you.

Aditya goes offline

Aditya: Hellooo?

Ishika: Are you drunk?

Aditya: Bang on! Yesss!! And I love you.

Ishika: I can’t hear you properly. Be a bit clearer.

Aditya: Oh!  I said how are you?

Ishika: I am good!! hmm yes!

Aditya: Really? Umm…I am only a bit drunk, Rum, you see!! But I have still not lost my senses. Only a drunken Aditya can dial your number. Hahahaha!!!

Ishika: Hmm

Aditya: Ok! Tell me why are we like this?

Ishika: Like what?

Aditya: Like this my Ex

Ishika: My ex? Ex what? Friend? Girlfriend?

Aditya: I don’t know.

Ishika: I don’t know?

Aditya: Okay! Okay!! Ok

Ishika: It’s like you are a pianist and I am a ballroom dancer. You seek appreciation and I seek partner. So, you have to stop looking at me and go hunting for your admirers so that somebody encourages your work which furthers your art and I have to look for partners so that I can keep on dancing because that is my job.

Aditya: Yes, and so I can’t see you dancing! That’s not true. I don’t see you dancing because I can’t see you dancing with someone else.

Ishika: You know, how melodramatic you sound that way. Like some stupid jealous lover. Freak!!

Aditya: But, I can’t help it. I seek stability. No matter how dramatic it sounds but I can’t hold it. Therefore I ask you either to live or leave.

Ishika: Well, you chose your way.

Aditya: Yes, because you chose your way.

Aditya disconnects the phone

The phone rings again.

Aditya:  Just one little doubt.

Ishika: Go on!

Aditya: What if I dance with you?

Ishika: uh! Then who will play the piano, the music?

Aditya: Oh my god!! Now! I understand! So, I play the piano for you to dance while you dance only to complement my music.

Ishika: So our necessities may be complimentary but our desires are different. That is why…

Aditya: …we are this way.

You know what kind of impression you give when you say that you have to seek partnersss, because that’s your job….hahahahah

Ishika: That was only a way to explain you, you dickhead.

Aditya: You know if someday, somebody reads our story specially this conversation they will think what a big whoo…

Ishika: And what do you think they will say for you? A pianist. Huh?

Aditya: Certainly not someone who looks for partnersss?? Hahaha

Ishika: Yeah, you are right. You will be read as the victim of the lady who went man-hunting!

Aditya: Hahahaha. Why every story turns tragic in our case? I went out with girls, you went out with boys…but nothing ever worked! Nothing ever works.

That’s because things are meant to work only between us. Hahahaha.

Ishika: I never went out with boys! I did not the way you went out flirting and busting your stress. After all I may dance with people but I always danced for you.

I miss you!

Aditya: What? I didn’t hear you properly. Looks like mujhe chadh rahi hai…hahahahaha

Ishika: I said you still believe that shit. Kindly grow up. This is the result of all those best seller petty love story books and novels you used to read in your twelfth standard. No happy endings please, that’s not realistic. That never happens.

Aditya: You are such a pessimist.

Ishika: And I am going to be like that till something/somebody changes my perception. Good bye.


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3 responses to “Disconnected

  • drkumargrd

    If the characters exist, may GOD bless them. seems to be real and i guess it is. anyways really badi hi khoobsurati se shabdo me dhala hai aapne apne khyalo ko. khush rahiye aabad rahiye.

  • sunit

    what are you thinking?

  • jyoti

    Anand: That’s a very encouraging response. I am glad that I could give such an impression that it looked almost real! I am not going to convince you that this is just a sample of my imagination for that would not be wholly true.

    Sunit: I have been thinking about this post and so i wrote it. And right now I am thinking about my next story. Hope you will like it too

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