Mrs. in Sunglasses

I would have alternatively titled this “A Sunglass for Mrs. Singh” or even “A tale of two sunglasses” or “Sun and Sunglasses” but all of these sound so pedestrian and none of them fit as perfectly as “Mrs. in Sunglasses” as the title of this piece.

The agonies of a house-wife, you see, are unfortunately not so well known. We are never sufficiently awarded nor rewarded for our services. It is the only job which does not find any place in the resume. Ours is in true terms a non-economic activity done without any intention of earning any profit. Probably that’s why they say, “Charity begins at home.”

We may not be the blackberry boys but we are certainly oven women. That is why some of the intelligent people who recognized our worth call us ‘domestic engineers’ and mind it that’s none of a funny business. So though all you young fellas who don’t like to go out with us because you think we are better inside homes, I thought I will become like your Samsung laptops, ready so that you may “take me out.”

I decided that I needed to see the world myself but when I go out I can’t go like this.

My hair needs to be combed tight

and my nails need to be painted white.

And in a hazel colored sari

I will now walk out.

My earrings elongated brown

and my necklace will have a diamond bright.

And my fair face shall shine in sun light.

But, what sunglasses should I choose

so that my beauty catches news?

Will it be a Prada, a Gabbana or a Vogue-

something that looks elegant

but keeps me away from the rogue?

No, it will be a VE 4208 Versace

which will suit my heart shaped face.

The rim will be full and the frame will be black.

And in accepting appreciation I will not be slack.

But when I walk out in my other dresses

I will obviously not wear the same sunglasses

For the purple colored saree of mine

I will pair it with Dolce & Gabbana DG 6049

And people will know how suave I am

They will reach me and try to know how I am

Girls will envy my elegance

They will be disgruntled at

My beauty and its eloquence

And all the gentle-men and gentle ladies shall know

 Slowly and gradually though

I look as beautiful as I am from within.

The taste of my sunglasses shall reveal

the taste of food that in lunch-boxes I seal.

This entry is a part of the contest at brought to you by GKB Optical Sunglasses


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