Facebook: the battlefield of relationships



Turn to God and ask him what’s wrong with you. No answer?

Turn to Him and ask what has happened to you? Why are things not alright! No answer yet?

Ask him to give you a sign so that you can understand. Did you see something?

What did you expect?

Sun will wink at you.


There will be a two- minute rain exclusively for you.


God will write on your timeline.

If nothing of that sort happened, I would suggest that instead of giving it a yet another shot, you should do some reality check on your own. Here, I’ll help you with that. Let’s go by your symptoms. You know you are in deep shit when:

1.       You like all the status/ comment/ photo of your girlfriend/boyfriend-

This is a case of total loss of judgment.  You have long ago surrendered yourself in the act of love. Do you remember there is a term called choice, a phenomenon called preference, a trait called rationality? You have lost the discretionary ability to bifurcate between good and bad. By the way whose life are you living, yours or your girlfriend’s?

And the one who said, “Love is blind,” wasn’t a fool after all!

2. Your relationship status says : It’s complicated

There is a severe lack of sense of clarity in you. If you don’t know or can’t figure out what’s happening in your relationship, I wonder why you are in it at the first place. It is such a useless and hopeless confession.

And the one who said, “Love makes you stupid,” wasn’t wrong either!

3.       You fought with your partner/friend because of a comment made on facebook by him/her-

There couldn’t be a more petty reason to pick a fight. Do you expect your partner to get all the comments that he/she is going to make screened/edited by you in advance?

Remember: It’s India that we are talking about and we still have freedom to speech (at least that’s what our constitution says)

And they say “Love means freedom!”  Fools they are!

4.       All your statements end with a “ :P” –

While all the girls fantasize of their Mr. Perfect as someone who has unprecedented sense of humor, I am sure they don’t want a guy who is never serious. So, in case you find all your statements ending with a winking-smiling-tongue popping out emoticons, it’s time for some introspection. It’s time you needed to take yourself more seriously. It’s time your words conveyed your emotions and not those additional baldies.

And Beckett said, “Words, words, words” and not “smileys, smileys, smileys.” He didn’t have facebook that time after all!


5.       All your conversations are centered around activities on facebook-

This is twenty-first century’s version of absurdity. You have proved that human life is meaningless and there is no value or significance in it. It is a series of events that lead us to nothingness. If not, why are you hooked to a virtual space and trying to generate the meaning of your life from the number of likes you got, number of updates you posted or comments made or photo tagged?

And the one who said, “Cut off from facebook, the user is lost; all his actions become senseless, absurd, useless,” wasn’t a fool either.


Message:  Now that you know what’s wrong with you, I guess you should try to mend your ways so that you can pledge a better life to yourself and your friends too.


Issued in public interest


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