The real drama

I spent my three hours

watching the silver screen

I spent those three hours

living my life, like a dream.


A version of reality

or say a slice of it.

A figment of my imagination

woven on that seventy mm; duly knit.


A life projected before me

played by someone other than me

and yet, the obvious sense of duality

is nicely hidden beneath the facade of similarity.


It’s less realistic sometime

you’ll say it’s romantic all the time

but facts aren’t worth a dime

if its fiction that sets forth my heart’s chime.


You accuse it of being a reflection

for being a diversion, distortion and deflection

but it’s a world of my creation in play

that’s the only world, reality can’t lead astray.


If world’s a stage and I, a player

why do we look for a soothsayer?

Isn’t it better to confront one’s life in a theater

where I know the whereabouts of its creator?


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with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

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