I’ll smile

Photo Courtesy: Internet

Guilt-stricken, ripped and raped
My frame mapped when I was naive
insulted, demeaned and un-draped
Spare me please, I don’t feel brave.

Show me my face, o mirror dear!
look at me, my image. Do you dare?
Do not lower your eyes in fear.
Show me the passion to live…that flair.

Promise me,
you will rise never to lie again.
you will toil to smile again.

Note: A United Nations statistical report compiled from government sources showed that more than 250,000 cases of male-female rape or attempted rape were recorded by police annually. The reported data covered 65 countries.

Photo Courtesy: Internet

Note: The post is also on Youth Ki Awaaz. Please visit: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2012/07/ill-smile/


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with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

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