Revisiting the old times:

unfinished creations

When I wanted to speak,

you said silence was virtue.

When I understood ,

my words lost value.

When that love was lost,

worthless became my dreams.

the inspiration grew bleak

and the inspirer that was you.

But when that smile touched again

love bloomed in its own way.

The desire to be loved flowed again

and the complication just faded away.

Stir that incipient love

stroke that obstinate desire

Tune into that rhythm my dear

which waits for the melody of your lyre.

The beauty you once instigated

yes, that radiance was lost

the words that adorned you

had for once fallen short.

The hands that rose in reverence

rises again to envelop you

the path that once led me onto you

now glitters at the very sight of you.

Feel my presence now

intimately entangled with you.

Feel my existence hither

my existence enmeshed in you.

Feel the fragrance of…

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with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

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