Tonight I dance

To my own tunes

 Unaware of the song

Lost in my own croons

I shake my curves

Twisting it in turns

My hair hanging loose

My skin wreathes, my sigh blooms.

Are you thinking of me, I wonder

I am lost, I wander

Do you know where exactly it feels?

Please dive in and leave your seal.

Though eyes no longer can challenge you

But if you have had any clue, please do.

I am never going to surrender

Leave me ravished, tear me asunder.

Let this saga be an unending journey

A tale without the sense of an ending

Through these verses, I may, on that moment dote

But, in them, that moment I shall never quote.



Color Code:  The use of colour is in accordance to popular understanding  of them and so, fluid and can be interpreted otherwise.



About jyoti

with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

15 responses to “Ecstasy

  • adhrut

    not bad… behtar rachnao ki apeksha hoti hai aapse..

  • Shiv

    hey do you actually earn some profit from the above ad??

    • jyoti

      No, I earn absolutely nothing form these ads.

      Btw I have a feeling that this was just a test comment, you didn’t really intend to know about this. After all even If I had earned, I won’t have spent a single penny on you. 😉

  • Shiv

    no no, it wasn’t a test comment. I wanted to give my contribution to this post and it sadly ended up with money and not your post.

    • jyoti

      You still have time, my dear. Please contribute in whatever form you want to. I am a modern-day minstrel who needs money, readership/audience as well as knowledge of things that she write 😉

  • Shiv

    You can always count me in as your audience. I love your posts and even the comments following.

  • Shiv

    lol, seriously?? I have a feeling I just ruined your post and that encourages you?? OK.

  • nipundart

    i like the rhyme. It was very very good.
    I wanted to ask the significance of those colors…please put some light on them.
    And i wanted you to elaborate these lines…
    “My skin wreathes, my sigh blooms.”
    “Please dive in and leave your seal.”
    “I am never going to surrender

    Leave me ravished, tear me asunder.”

    Now you know what I mean? OMG :O


    • jyoti

      The rhyme-master says that the rhyme in my poem was good, infact very very good. Now I can’t help thinking highly about this. 😀
      okay, according to popular perception
      1. Blue has serene and sedative(trance) quality. is associated with romance and light hearted esp the color of the blush of woman’s cheeks.
      3. green we know is associated with renewal ( reproductive) n harmony
      4. red for passion.

      obviously the interpretation can differ.

      In a way the entire poem is an allusion to a state of action and being and not just these select few lines but yes, here they become more prominent and spelt out. 🙂

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