My only obsession

The best thing in life is to catch some sleep when you have nothing else to do and gradually drift into the peaceful ocean of your dreams. The time just flies when you are asleep and are happily unaware of it. You don’t have to actively do anything to while away your time.

“Oh sleep, my sleep, my sleep!” she exclaimed and crashed on her bed. She had nothing to do for the next two hours. She could wake up at five and start getting ready for her date at six.  Moreover, she was sure that Jacob won’t mind waiting a little for her.




“It’s already 5:30. Get up! You’ll get late for your date.”

When Marlyn called out her name the voice somehow seeped into her subconscious and got incorporated in her ongoing dream.



“Why aren’t you writing your paper? Cecile write your paper please. “

There were five minutes left for the final bell. And Cecile was staring at the ceiling lost in some random trivia. At the back of her mind there was an undercurrent of anxiety. Someone was pushing her to stop thinking and finish her paper. But, no matter how strong this voice was, her hand remained static.

The bell never rang and Cecile never finished her paper.

She had many similar dreams. Sometime she would be moving up an unending staircase or walk on an unending road with many turns where she would keep forgetting the right path that she had to undertake.

Cecile was still struggling in her dream when Jacob entered the room. He tried to wake her up.

“Baby, aren’t you coming with me tonight?”

“Cecile, baby! We will be late. Wake up c’mon!”

When Jacob called out her name the voice somehow seeped into her subconscious and got incorporated in her ongoing dream.

Baby, call me when you reach home” he said on phone.

She reached home and took out her mobile from her bag to call him. But, no matter how much she tried she could not type his number on the screen. After first few digits she kept getting lost in the pool of numbers. Her brain did not seem to work properly. It felt as if she was high and all her attempts to concentrate simply did not seem to help her case.

Her phone buzzed.

The buzz got incorporated in the dream.

She picked the call. It was Jacob’s call. She said that she had reached home but in a language that she herself did not understand. She knew the sense of her words but did not know which language she was speaking. She kept the phone.

The phone buzzed again. She tried to pick the incoming call but the phone continued buzzing. It was getting on her nerves now. The touch screen did not seem to respond to her soft touch. It was annoying. She tried to push the call button but it did not seem to work either.

The phone simply kept shuddering and giving away its high-pitched earth-shaking vibrations.

The vibrations grew so loud that it disturbed her out of the dream.

She opened her eyes to meet the furious stares of Jacob and Marlyn. It was already 6’o clock.

She silenced her phone and made an extremely apologetic face, the kind of face she used to make in front of her mother as a child when she had spilled all the milk in her glass on her only school uniform.

She chickened out of the place to get ready for the night all the time feeling guilty about her only obsession i.e. sleep.

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