Knowing the ‘inferior man’

Girl 1: Finally, I convinced Jatin to give me his number. Next time, we will know beforehand if the class gets cancelled. I will call him and ask.

Boy 1: Is he handsome?

Girl 2: Achievement girl! He has always been so fussy about it. As if we have nothing good to do but to call him at the middle of night.

Boy 1: Tell me whether he is good-looking. Please.

Girl 1 looks at Boy 1 and gives a I-am-sick-of-this look and leaves the scene.

Girl 2: Why don’t you go and check him out yourself? (giggles)

All of them leave.
Boy 1: Shit, I thought he was a young handsome chap. That’s not fair you know. You should have called him bhaiya instead of taking his name. It’s so misleading.

Girl 2 laughs.

Girl 1: Didn’t you bloody know that Jatin is the office assistant of our department?

Boy 1: Okay forget it. Did you know that our new professor was a gay.

Girl 1: Shit, really?

Girl 2 and Girl 3: (in chorus) I am disappointed.

Girl 1: Who told you? Are you sure?

Boy 1: That’s the latest talk around the campus.

Girl 2: But he really doesn’t look like one.

Girl 1: How do you look gay?

Boy 2: You look gay when there is smile on your face and you are in your spirits.

Girl 3: She isn’t talking about that gay, idiot. She is talking about sexually deviant people- gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, transsexuals etc.

Girl 2: Oho! C’mon, it’s not that difficult. You can easily find that out by observing the way they talk or, you know, walk or the way they dress and also accessories.

Girl 3: Yes. And this new professor looks so manly. He can’t be a gay, can he?

Boy 1: Sorry? What do you mean by not being manly?

Girl 2: There isn’t anything to get offended. All that she means is that they are a little effeminate.

Girl 1: All of them?

Girl 2: Yes, ofcourse. Haven’t you seen them?

Boy 2: Listen, it’s not really like that. Gay is not equal to feminine man. And by the way what exactly means by being a


Girl 3: Look there are gender roles prescribed so there isn’t anything to get offended. Just behave your gender.

Boy 2: And?

Girl 3: And…that’s it. If you don’t agree to the prescribed way of behaviour then you are different. You are a sexually deviant individual.

Girl 1: Deviating from what?

Girl 2: Deviating from the norms. Look a man is supposed to like a woman and vice-a-versa.

Girl 1: And if he doesn’t then he is not a man enough? Doesn’t really convince me. How does one’s sex determine the sex of his partner? Doesn’t this sound so arbitrary?

Boy 2: A man is not supposed to cry but they do.
He is supposed to look rugged and rough, but is it really so?
Stop stereotyping everything. There are two many exceptions to puncture your idea of Norma.

Girl 3: Okay fine. But, it’s a weird idea to imagine a boy loving another guy.

Girl 1: It’s not weird. It’s just lack of visibility. Because we don’t see a lot of homosexuals doing that around us we feel unfamiliar to it. But, unfamiliarity does not decide the naturalness of anything, if at all it proves anything then it is your unawareness.
A lot of people get uncomfortable when they see heterosexuals getting cosy. It’s just a matter of how often you are subjected to such a view.

Girl 3: But, it’s all so wrong man! Homosexual relation is unnatural and unproductive.

Girl 1: A lot of heterosexual relationship is unproductive too.

Girl 2: Okay Whatever it is, I will never date one.


Boy 2: They won’t date you either.

Girl 3: I don’t find them attractive.

Girl 1: Neither they do. But, tell me how many times have you seen a gay and wished that he wasn’t a gay.

Girl 3: Yeah, that’s fine. But…if they are that cool then why don’t we see them often. If visibility is the only problem then they should make themselves visible. We aren’t to be blamed if they don’t explain themselves.

Boy 2: Do you explain your orientation to everyone you meet? Do you go around the street announcing that you are straight?

Girl 1: They are invisible because they were forced to. They were accused of corrupting the society and spreading contagious diseases.

Boy 1: How can I corrupt the society? All I’m asking is the freedom to love someone I choose. What do you think will happen if I am seen flirting or loving another guy? Those who see me will turn gay? Is it really a choice or a product?


as if being gay was a choice

Girl 2: Freedom to choose? You don’t choose? You are too desperate to waste time in choosing.

Boy 1: . I have seen guys doing that when they hear about a hot girl and girls when they see a cute boy. Yes, I may be desperate but that’s because it’s difficult to find one like me. I feel lonely. I want someone who is like me. Don’t single men and single women feel lonely and want a partner in their lives?

You guys should have understood this. I expect you all to understand. You are not just educated and modern but also sensible folks.

Girl 2: You should have made us aware darling, should have educated us.

Boy 2: Yeah, precisely. You know, it’s not that these people are to be blamed. yes, you have been wronged in history, it’s time to set it right. I’m sure everyone will understand if they know about you more. Represent yourself instead of waiting for someone to paint you the way he likes.

Girl 1: Yeah. Organize seminars and talk shows and gay parade so that people understand you. Don’t be rigid as to why should I explain myself. If someone is willing to hear, tell them. It takes time but I am sure people will broaden the way they look at these things. Identity gets reaffirmed only when people recognize you.

Boy 1: Yes, I a different but not inferior.






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2 responses to “Knowing the ‘inferior man’

  • adhrut

    The debate on the topic “if this homosexuality thing is right or wrong” seems to have no end. some people are eager to justify this whilst others think of this as a wicked thing. but when it comes of making a choice one should be held free to choose what he wants.
    Anyways m happy your blog is growing rapidly and u r back and writing great posts.

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