On a rainy day

A bunch of her hair was wet and let loose.
Rain drops dripped from her finger-tips
and she wore a pair of torn wet shoes

She wore bits from a dozen frocks
The strings of her hood
were entangled with her wavy locks

Pressed to her breast was a package
Stale soaked bread peeped from it
while she looked at me like a bygone age

I froze in my place,
unable to move. She seemed to ask,
“Can I share a little of your space?”

“Yes sister,” I wanted to say,
“I will dry your hair
and together we will stay.”

“Come, eat from my plate
and before you finish,
I will mend your fate.”

She looked at me like a bygone age
That age of being a litle child
and that desire which is now ablaze

Once upon a time I had asked,
“Mommy, when this time your belly explodes
Can you give me a sister fast?”

Mom only smiled and then she slept
“Had she seen you, sister
she would have understood the way I felt.”

But, I said nothing
I utterred not a word
and decided to give her my everything.

She sneered once and looked at me no more
Soon I lost her
or she ran away to knock another door.

I sat in my balcony the entire day
waiting for her and imagining her
consenting with an “Okay.”

I sat in my balcony waching the rain drops
splash on my palm
and it spread dying
like my dead plan.


About jyoti

with her trailing gaze the shy maverick clings on and through the supple foreplay of her aesthetic sense and a beatific smile insatiates the mellifluous melange!! View all posts by jyoti

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