At the stroke of midnight

And yet again!








At the stroke of midnight

the world now no longer sleeps.

Half the world is on phone

wishing birthday because we are so many.

The modern lifestyle makes our day busy

and gifts us a difficult sleepless night

when we hunt for love

romance and some sympathy.

Calls don’t drop here

because you have a lot of money.

Our fathers still sleep with our mothers

But, some fathers sleep with other’s mom.

Waiting for one’s own husband is not punk

Some husbands are still driving drunk.

The little one wakes for a suck

and the nanny sleeps with a smirk.

But, the music is too loud here

the music of piercing silence beneath the noise of scandal

the music of starving belly and decaying wish

the music of sobbing hearts born out of true love.

the music of collapsing hope and failed attempts

all borne out of

lack of strength and lack of belief

lack of new arguments in the lover’s tiff

lack of healthy innocent smiles

that could fill our heart and light our dreams.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

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