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Tonight I dance

To my own tunes

 Unaware of the song

Lost in my own croons

I shake my curves

Twisting it in turns

My hair hanging loose

My skin wreathes, my sigh blooms.

Are you thinking of me, I wonder

I am lost, I wander

Do you know where exactly it feels?

Please dive in and leave your seal.

Though eyes no longer can challenge you

But if you have had any clue, please do.

I am never going to surrender

Leave me ravished, tear me asunder.

Let this saga be an unending journey

A tale without the sense of an ending

Through these verses, I may, on that moment dote

But, in them, that moment I shall never quote.



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I’m alive.

To those unending talks

And direction-less walks

to those unexpected bits of praise

and that undying craze


To that unrestricted desperation

and verses composed in adulation

to those exciting temptations

and those moments of celebration


To those unwarranted passion

and bouts of restless emotions

to those silent parts of the day

spent in mending a heart of clay


To those unresolved confession

and demands for more dedication

to those untold stories of merriment

and the sacred/secret vows of commitment.


Yes, to those fanciful whims

and pains of desire

to those forgotten dreams

and fading smiles


I’m alive.


A journey called LOVE!!!!

I started off with a dream

to make the two worlds meet

and then to live that dream

I did not spare my eyes to blink


I took off from Calcutta

with multitudes of excitement in my eyes

She waited for me in desperation

That reflected in her sobs and sighs


The train was running fast,

the distance was getting shorter.

And my throbbing heart said at last,

“Yes, we were to be finally together”


Throughout my journey,

she kept her fingers crossed

“Pour him in my arms safely”,

She kept praying to the lord


Next morning, I reached there

So close she was, wrapped in my layer

Her locks danced on my finger nails

I loved her even when she lapsed in trails


Every hour evaporated in a minute’s time

And those minutes committed the same crime

I was to return next day which came to us flying

And we kept saying that the clock was lying


I took her hands in mine

And clutched it for a while

I said, ‘trust me, I will be back again,

till then feel my presence in the memory lane”


My tears fell from her eye

The time of departure was soon to come by

Torn by the tyrant time and mortal distance

No mercy was shown despite our insistence.


Words vanished from the lips though I wanted to say

I wanted to say, “no matter where we stay,

The tyrant distance and mortal time can’t do us apart

I will be there with you even after I depart”


Like the king and queen in the game of card

There will always be a ‘me’ for a ‘you’

And someday we will find a humming bird

Who will sing the tale of our love true!!!