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Rising from the ashes!!!

I was lost in the darkness

And was far away from my own self

That feeling of loneliness had sunk deep within

And little  could I help….

I have spent lonely nights

Sitting in my moonlit balcony

The rustling leaves, the whistling wind and the silence of the night

Were the only things to  accompany….

Happiness, smile, success, dreams

All became illusionary.

I was so deeply engulfed in the dark clouds of failure

My future, I could hardly see….

Lost in love, lost in exams,

Lost in the attempt of being  perfect 

Heart broken, confidence shattered

All I wanted now was just to run….

A few years ago I was brimming with confidence

I was so proud…

Success in love, success in exams

It seemed as if I could have reached for the sky

And steal the cloud….

A happy-go-lucky nature with a tinge of maturity

Sprinkled with Fresh dreams full of life

Was suddenly captivated by the chains of sorrow

And failure finally broke me with a knife….

Oh My lord

Was falling in love my mistake?

OR being broken in love, my mistake?

Was caring for my family a mistake?

OR running after my dreams a mistake?

But, the desire to be at the top is still burning

The dreams within me are still breathing

My love has got a new meaning

And now in this race with destiny,

Get ready to see ‘me’ winning !!!!