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I am the Interlude

With much dejection I hereby state that I am the most marginalized of all. You all must have faced me but you hardly bothered to notice me. My marginalization is not so much a question of existence; rather it’s about the loss of my unique identity. I see myself being reduced to an unnoticeable/unnoticed lapse of time which goes by without drawing much attention to it. But, I happen to be an important part of you and yet you deny awarding me any significance. I hang around you pleading silently… urging you to consider me. It’s rather depressing that my importance is no longer defined by my individual existence but in terms of my utility in your life.

But, despite all this, across all cultures and times I have managed to secure my position. I see that the generation has changed and I take pride in the fact that I have efficiently and significantly upgraded myself to be a part of the vogue. You may not recognize me by my name because I have acquired various names to suit the demands of changing times but such is my nature and such is the irony of your life that we two are inextricably linked. You are bound to see me whether you like it or not.

I have been defined as an intervening period of time, a pause between acts of a play, a thing occurring or done during an interval or a temporary amusement by the Oxford Concise Dictionary. But I am more than this. Like you, even the dictionary has underestimated my presence. I am that intermission between the two halves of the movie when you sit anticipating the climax in the next scene and I am also that duration wherein the commercials are broadcasted amidst you favourite daily soaps. I am just a small intervention but my significance cannot be dismissed. You know, I am the one who transports you from one act to another in a play, from one half to another in a movie, I am also the period of recess and also your study breaks, I am the one who gives you that space to loosen yourself, to relax a bit, to renew your makeup and also the much needed relief during a horror show. I help the producers run commercials that sponsor their shows.  My presence is a lovely affair and my company is a comfortable territory. But, I am not restricted to your entertainment space alone. My tentacles are spread across your very life that runs in real time and space.

I am that duration of time which enables you to make a smooth transition. I fill that space of anticipation as a happy break. Till you don’t make new friends I stand by you. When you are brimming with enthusiasm to start afresh, I stay with you, gently preparing you for the forthcoming events and usher you on its threshold. I am also that butterflies-in-the-stomach moment and also the marriage-blues moment. I am that part of your life when you are changing jobs, when you are moving to a new place, when you change your school awaiting new friends, when you take a leap from school to college. I am that period of cusp which falls neither here nor there.  At times you are nostalgic that makes you reluctant and then I help you find your way out of those bygone days. You misconceive me as your destination; you want to stay with me forever; you misinterpret me as the embodiment of much needed stability. My dear, you fail to realize that I am just a happy interlude passing by, whom you are clinging to. You have to leave me. The sooner the better or else you may stagnate. You need to participate in your life actively lest you lag behind.

After your break- up, you firmly decide to never talk to another girl or boy ever. But as you move along with me, you decide to move on slowly. Then comes a new girl/boy and you are once again ready to plunge in. I am the interlude between those two relationships. I am that very entity which helps to pave your way from one space to another. I have taught you a lot many things. I have taught you to get along with yourself, to live in peace, to be happy with yourself, to come out of difficult times. And majority of you have proved to be a good students. After much aggression, scorn, dismay and at times even tears you finally learn to learn your way. I help you to meet yourself. You confide in me. I embrace your loud cheers and your sobbing tears within my folds and I vow to guard them forever. And when things start rolling I fare you well.

Imagine if someday I ask you to stay with me a little longer or if I ask you to come back to me, will you leave your happy days and come back to me? I hold all your secrets, I bear the testimony of your screeching and shrieking days, what if I dared to disclose all of these, will you feel betrayed? You think I am a trivial interlude which draws its significance from the things that have gone and things that are yet to follow; I am that unwanted interruption which you wish had never occurred. But dear, acknowledge the fact that I am the moment of your self- realization. Of course I will never betray you, never break your trust but that’s because I have loved you enough. Respect me and the relationship you once shared with me. Respect me not because how important I was to you once but because I taught you how to avoid me. And if you can do none of these then just love me because you have spent at least a day with me in love and with love.