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pristine rendezvous

The luxuriant

whimsical disheveled desire

Indulged in you, clad in mire

Unleashed unforeseen relentless pleasure

Blurred was my vision

Shrieking and wreathing

My limbs shook beneath

And my face arched

In that moment’s passion

Pleading at its zenith

Heaving violently

Toiling furiously.

Breathing the panting desire

I clutched you tearing within

Choosing your course,

by now unseen, unforeseen.

Inexorable bliss

Haunt my soul with your love rare

sigh not at its refusal

and for its agitated dare

scar it and lay it bare

and then come and hold me

I will want to dance freely.

Scar my harmony

slit my peace

let’s haunt for that lovely bliss.