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I mourn alone

It’s crowded here,

But, I am left to stand alone.

Midst all bustling,

I am left to mourn alone

My steps are slow

And I walk dreaming alone

But, I see you are gone long ago

And, I am left to mourn alone

I have no will to live alone

And to leave you to live alone

I turn to see if you are there

But, I am left to mourn alone

My heart now quivers in unrest.

It weaves the tales of threat.

 Frightens me and my smile and solace

And absorbs its charm and grace.

But, on the face of dismay

My optimism fails to succumb to this date

And I wait for you to turn and say

“Everything after all wasn’t such a waste!”

I lost my muse

Aspirations still find themselves centered towards you

and so, I am stuck in this torpid and doomed to write

all day long and on these moonless nights

till I wipe out the very trace of you.

Oh! how we conspired together to never let this end,

to inspire each other and let our creations blend!

I had chosen to be your apprentice

declare myself your canvas, and be your master-piece

Such desires toil every night to scratch the layers of reality.

But, they fail to transcend the turmoil of inner duality

My hollow words echo back  in dismay

From the chalice, tears percolate everyday

I fear not your hatred O! Muse, but your insensitivity

I regret not your absence but my instance of levity

How shall I now chronicle my tale, O! Fountainhead

without you how shall I narrate that instance, when we both bled.

How shall I now say,

what words shall I choose,

who will listen to my wearied rhyme

to the ragged tale of my tumultuous crime?

Will it be discarded as a lowly device

 or will it suffice –

 when I say, “I lost my muse

in the myriad of hues”

Yes, such creations never end. But for now I guess I will stop here. Probably you would like to have a look Ayan and Shubham!

A life you are

“Expectations are the mother of GRIEF”

Do not Google the above mentioned line, you won’t find it anywhere except on this blog. This has been exclusively gifted to us by Shubham, the person who views this blog more than me at times(serious competition).

But, yes if you agree with the above lines, you will also agree when I say,

“That’s how it is on this bitch of an earth”

( you can Google this, it’s by Samuel Beckett). But, if that’s all  that you think and you just nodded vigorously on what Beckett said, I guess now you should read what Shubham has to say. And, read it till the end.

The writer has only one request to make and i.e. please read it carefully, you will notice a rhythm that flows through the entire poem. Good voice is not a pre-requisite, so, feel free to sing it also.

Let’s get started-


I failed, failed, failed…and I failed and failed

I steered in the eyes of my dreams, and I failed.

I lost in the hopes of my future, and I failed.

I fought hard at times, but I trailed and I failed.

I gave up at times, and I failed…simply failed.


As a son, I failed.

As a brother, I failed.

I looked into the eyes of my neighbour and I failed

I failed in the field, as the scores say I failed

I failed in numbers, my results say, I failed.


In the process to refine my failure, I failed.

In order to define my success, I failed.

I failed for I expected and accepted that I failed

I failed for I suspected my efforts were frail at the tail.


One night after failing, while sitting under the moon

I saw what it does,

It proved to be a boon.

A boon to ward off my doom

No light of its own, yet it shines through the sun

Rising up tomorrow would be so much fun.


I thought of Edison, once a boy like me.

He too failed; he failed and failed, just like me.

Nine nine nine, times he failed

And then,

One more time he raised and, he hailed.


I too thought I must try to rise

I never knew that it was my prize.

It was…

Surprise, surprise, surprise!


I failed to give up. I refused to give up.

I failed to fear. I was ready to gear

I fumbled once again, I tumbled once again

I woke up once again, I looked up once again.


I tried…I tried… I tried and tried.

I felt dried… dried and dried.

I looked up at the sky, and took pleasure in my pain

Pleasure in my pain was the beginning of my gain.


I was beating myself, which I never did before

I loved myself the way I never loved before

This phase went on, time after time

Like the sun shines in glory, it comes every time.


Yes, I suckseed, pardon me, I suxceed

Oops… I cukcead, sorry, this time I cuxceid

But finally, I “succeed”!!

For, I learned from my failure

For, I respected my failure

For, I re-spelled my failure

I spelled my failure as “A LIFE U R”