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You and I

If you had been an artist,

then, I be the piece of your art.

If you had been a musician,

then, I be the rhythm of your heart.

If you had been a painter,

then, I be the vision of you eye.

if you had been an engineer,

then I be your machine personified.

if you had been a poet,

then, I be your pouring emotion.

If you had been a lover,

then, I be your crazy passion.

But, since you are nobody

and hence everybody

I am the bearer of your absence,

and the marker of your presence.

Relentless Admiration

My speech stammers
and my verses wither.
The cacophony of my song
…these unpleasant rhythms
and still it’s a beauty.

My speech falters,
my verses are charmless,
my song…unpleasant
and still it’s a beauty.

The gleam is lost.
The spark is gone,
the hope, long lost.
And I fail to conjure it,
to keep it alive
and still it’s a beauty.

I miss you already.
I don’t miss the voice alone.
The way you asserted
and laughed along
and yet it’s a beauty.

I miss the presence.
I miss them all.
I miss those sleepy eyes,
those lovely nights,
writing those effortless rhymes
and yet,
still it’s a beauty.

But to wait on your call,
to look at you coming along.
This absence that
reminds me of you.
That is the beauty of these hours.
The beauty of these hours
that I spend waking and waiting…