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pristine rendezvous

The luxuriant

whimsical disheveled desire

Indulged in you, clad in mire

Unleashed unforeseen relentless pleasure

Blurred was my vision

Shrieking and wreathing

My limbs shook beneath

And my face arched

In that moment’s passion

Pleading at its zenith

Heaving violently

Toiling furiously.

Breathing the panting desire

I clutched you tearing within

Choosing your course,

by now unseen, unforeseen.

Dreaming In Solace

That simply turned head

The smile that bursts

Locks that fall and tickles

That lovely little sight

Those dreams…my solace.

A slice of pleasure

Unfettered innocent laughter

Jingles hereafter

Smiling I lie musing

Those dreams…my solace.

The joy at heart

The love must have been felt

 Fading now…

Will they be lost soon?

Those dreams…my solace.

Painting those moments

A stroke here and there

And it’s beautiful again

Let me feel it rush again

Those dreams…my solace.