Let’s interact aka indulge

Now that you have reached here because you somehow got the link to this blog or ended up here by some pretty coincidence, what next?

Probably, you would like to read some of the stuffs here, browse though the categories and in case you feel some of the works are simply wow, feel free to like them. Let me also inform you that you have an option to rate the posts also. Don’t worry, I will never get to know who rated it and how. 😛

Also, these WordPress people are pretty smart, you see. They won’t tell me who liked my post through Facebook or Twitter except if you like it through the WordPress page, selfish. Isn’t it?

But I don’t want you to lapse into anonymity.

If you have come here and  taken the pain to go through some of the interesting word play, loved some rhythm, some abstract creations, related to some of the poems, liked a story, want to recite some, wish to dedicate few verses to your loved ones, if you were left enchanted, mesmerized and awestruck then you are kindly requested to leave a comment.

But in case you think that  the work here does not qualify to even suit your taste, your expectation then I recommend you to reach me immediately so that others don’t suffer like you did. 

Let me not be smitten by presumptions, so let me open my doors to you so that you can reach my wall 


or tweet me on


or can simply scroll down the post you read and press the like button and pour in your words of appreciation in the space provided!

Welcome to our Imagined journey

12 responses to “Let’s interact aka indulge

  • ravi

    thank you for making it a lot more easier to reach you!!

  • gurjeet singh

    thanks ayush for referring me this blog…its awesome..hats off jyoti ….pls keep it up!!! 🙂

    • ayushagarwal87

      Hey Gurjeet, its completely my pleasure buddy!!
      Your words are really encouraging and i would request you to keep on visiting the blog.

  • Sudip Banerji

    Thank you Ayush for bringing me here. This has been a refreshing experience for me. I feel it’s a great effort on your part and Jyoti’s. I have so much to say but I cannot get my thoughts in order. The extent of my creativity is quite limited too, so I also feel embarrassed to lend my name to them. But Ayush this blog seems to be the perfect place for me and many others like me, to open up, maybe a little apprehensively, nevertheless definitely a platform where we can start showing off our creative prowess. So far your efforts have been great and you guys can think of creative writing as an alternative career option. So, thank you again for leading me here Ayush. I hope you are able to find time to carry on with the good work. 🙂

    • ayushagarwal87

      Thank you Sudip for visiting the blog.It would be our pleasure to have people like you contributing for our blog!!
      Keep pouring in your expert comments…..

  • adhrit

    whoever brought me here thnxx for giving me an oppurtunity to write for this blog.

  • jyoti

    don’t say “whoever”…it’s of course me, me and only me 😉
    Don’t want to sound very modest and humble but will have to add ‘the pleasure is entirely ours’ 😀

  • Shiv

    The last line ”and pour in your words of appreciation in the space provided!”. Are only appreciations allowed in the comments??

  • Shiv

    Ok, you certainly enlightened me miss artist.

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